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June 30, 2014 – The Telegraph:  Woodstock: Baron Wolman’s unseen photographs of the festival

June 30, 2014 – The Daily Mail: Woodstock unseen: 45 years on, photos from music’s most famous festival recall an era of peace, love and half a million hippies camped out on a dairy farm

June 27, 2014: BBC News: Unseen Woodstock photographs displayed 45 years on

June 23, 2014 – 重现摇滚盛世的“爱与和平”

June 21, 2014 – The Guardian:  Baron Wolman’s Woodstock photographs: ‘I thought, There’ll never be anything like this again’

Exciting news – the press launch invitation Q&A with Baron Wolman at the Forge & Co Gallery in London is already sold out!

May 29, 2014 – l’Oeil de la Photographie –  The Eye of Photography – Announcing the new book

Rave Reviews from Readers:

“Baron Wolman is more than a great photographer with his own vision. Baron is a journalist capturing the history of America with honesty, sensitivity, intellect and respect for his subjects.

Woodstock is the pinnacle event of a generation coming together to have their voices heard. And Baron captures so poetically in his photographs the hopes and spirit of that generation.

This book will be a great gift for the holidays. I cannot imagine a better coffee table book for friends and family. A whole generation and in fact a newer generation will want it.

Amazing how one 3-day event could create such a library of thought provoking and heart-warming images that capture the soul of a generation.

Although Baron is famous and revered by the musicians he photographed throughout his career, this collection adds greatly to his already stellar legacy. These are not just famous musicians we see at this historic event but you and I, our brothers and sisters, our friends, whom he has immortalized with great care and tenderness, so different from his past books.

On a personal level, while looking through this book last night in bed with my wife, my 11 year old son came into our room, saw the book we were perusing, and climbed into the bed with us. He knew we had just received it that day from Amazon. My son has an excellent grasp of music and American history. I was halfway through the book when he slid next to me, became enraptured with the photos, asking questions about Woodstock, it’s history, its importance and then insisted we start from the beginning of the book. Over an hour later we were still going through “Woodstock,” looking and talking about the photos, reading the text, and the conversations it provoked.

If you know someone who has a love of music, a love of history and or a love of art, they will thank you for gifting them this book.”

“Absolutely L O V E this book !!!”

“Run don’t walk to purchase this beautiful hardcover book about the days of the Woodstock festival in 1969. Amazingly beautiful photographs of the festival by the original photographer of Rolling Stone magaziine Baron Wolman. Great narrative of the festival by some of the people who lived it. Carlos Santana. Michael Lang , Dagon James and the photographer of it all Baron Wolman.
Buy a copy for yourself, Buy copies for friends who would love this book. This book would be a great gift
This beautifully bound hardcover book of Woodstock makes you wish you had been there to experience those times for yourself.
Thank you Baron for publishing this excellent book for all of us to enjoy.”

“An absolute awesome read & photographic account of Woodstock! The foreword by Carlos Santana, the interview with Baron Wolman & Michael Lang, & the incredible photographs by Baron Wolman all weave together perfectly to give a true account of what Woodstock was all about. If you were unable to witness these 3 days of “peace, love, & music” firsthand, this book gives an incredible account of it all. A wonderful book for anyone, but if you are a child or fan of the 60’s, this book should definitely be added to your collection!”

“OK, I’ve got a number of books of this “genre”, Woodstock, the classic Rock and Roll years, etc. But this one REALLY rocks. Very well done. Wonderful to look at and hold. High quality and the images are the best of Woodstock, IMO. Wolman’s eye captures the feeling and experience of what Woodstock was really about.”

“I simply cannot put this down. A real time capsule of a magical time.”