Unseen photographs from the most famous music festival of all time.

Baron Wolman and Michael Lang
Foreword by Carlos Santana
192 pages, 11-3/4 x 10 inches • $49.95 retail


Baron onstage at Woodstock with Carlos Santana, Photo by Bill Graham

Baron onstage at Woodstock with Carlos Santana
Photo by Bill Graham

Many of my long hidden black and white photographs of Woodstock are published here for the first time. The majority of the images have never before been seen. The Book itself contains much more than photos: a) Over 75 images from the 3-day festival; b) An exclusive 14-page interview conducted by editor Dagon James with me (Baron) and Michael Lang, concert promoter and co-creator of Woodstock; c) My complete set of Woodstock contact sheets, never before seen; d) Plus an intimate foreword by legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana.

I tried to capture the experience and atmosphere of Woodstock like no other photographer. More interested in the crowd than the performers, to me, at least, my photographs are hugely evocative and offer an insight into this legendary event that is rarely seen.

“The thing to remember about the 60s, even near the end in ’69, was that everything was totally different, the behavior was new and unexpected. Plus, the 1960s were simply wildly photogenic in every way imaginable…the changes that were taking place in the heads of the people were visually manifested. I mean, how could you not take pictures?”

This book is a treasure. Whether you claim to have attended Woodstock in person or not, the images in these pages will bring you back to that mythical moment in time in rock ‘n roll music history. And it’s no exaggeration, I really believe that this is the most beautifully produced photo book in which my pictures have ever been reproduced, and that’s saying a lot. I think you’ll agree.

-baron wolman, Santa Fe